Hu Shizhong unveiled and made a speech, and our municipal supervisory committee was formally set up.

  (reporter Zhou Jingkang) On the morning of January 12th, the Ji'an municipal supervisory committee was formally set up in the municipal administrative center. Hu Shizhong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, and Liao Hong, the director of the municipal supervision committee, unveiled the newly established Ji'an Municipal Supervision Committee. Subsequently, Hu Shizhong attended the meeting of the municipal supervisory committee and made a speech. City leaders Yang Dan, Liao Hong, Liu Xianqing, Li Jianguo, procurator general Zhu Decai of the city procuratorate attended. The general assembly is chaired by the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Li Zhenfa, the Minister of organization.

  In his speech, Hu Shizhong pointed out that the establishment of the Ji'an municipal supervisory committee is an important measure for our city to carry out the nineteen spirits of the party and is a major stage product of comprehensively promoting the pilot work of the national supervision system reform. This heavy brand, together with the central and provincial Ji'an high degree of trust and care, together with toil and effort to pay for the city, together with the people of the city to eagerly look forward to a good political environment, we want to make this brand always highlights the fair and justice of the strong force transmission of air was the image of Ji'an positive.

  To further improve the supervision system reform in the city, Hu Shizhong emphasized that we should deepen our ideological understanding, improve our political standing and strengthen the correct political direction. The city party committees and Discipline Inspection Commission to improve the political stance and political consciousness, a profound understanding of the pilot work to promote the overall reform and open strictly necessary requirement to develop in depth, win the anti-corruption landslide victory, is a powerful measure to perfect the party and the state supervision system, to promote the rule of law and comprehensive strictly with organic unity significance of promoting national governance systems and governance capacity modernization. We should promote comprehensive integration, clear the position of responsibilities, and ensure continuous work. In order to realize the depth of integration, to form a joint force; clear responsibilities positioning, in accordance with the law to perform their duties; strengthen the system construction, promote the unity of the task rules, steady hoof walked quickly in the city to complete supervision system reform pilot work.

  Hu Shizhong stressed that it is necessary to practice loyalty, cleanness and responsibility, and constantly create a new situation in the construction of clean and clean government and anti-corruption work in the city. The city should set up by the Commission for the new starting point, strengthen the mission play, to ensure political quality; the effective performance of their duties, do to win the trust; pay close attention to their own construction, establish a comprehensive benchmark. In order to promote development, do not forget to early heart, remember our mission, to never slack spirit and indomitable struggle attitude, as active duty, roll up sleeves, working hard, and strive to create a new situation in our city clean government and anti-corruption work.

  Liao Hong said in his speech, the city discipline inspection and supervision of cadres to perform their duties of loyalty and diligence to play, and the anti-corruption struggle in the new results, return Municipal Committee and the people's trust, trust. It is necessary to interpret the mission with loyalty and be a politically firm guard. Firm political beliefs, enhance political acumen and political discernment, maintain political concentration, conservation of political culture. To play practice responsibilities, do the work Jinggangshan guards. Strengthen the ability to bear the ability, form a joint force and strengthen the spirit. It is necessary to make a clean writing color and be a well disciplined guard. Honest clean play, firmly establish the lead supervisor to accept the supervision of consciousness, strengthen education, management and supervision of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres, through unremitting efforts for peace and tranquility under heaven, our anti-corruption as bright as sun and moon, to fight an overwhelming victory.
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