The Central Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China on the study of Hu Shizhong's speech.

  (reporter Cao Suping) In the city to thoroughly implement the spirit of the nineteen, the central economic work meeting and the provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee plenary session on the occasion, "NPC and CPPCC" has just concluded, January 10th to 12, Party Central Group to study, listen to decentralized counseling report, focused on the combining form, carry out the 2017 annual meeting of democratic life Seminar on collective learning. Study of this special collective learning theme: in-depth study and implement the spirit of the party's nineteen, to seriously study and understand the thought of Xi Jinping's new era Chinese socialism, firmly safeguard the party taking comrade Xi Jinping as the core of central authority and the centralized and unified leadership, comprehensive implementation of the party's nineteen big decisions to deploy.

  Hu Shizhong, Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the municipal Party committee, took part in and made a summary speech. Wang Shaoxuan, Yu Zhiyong, Liu Liangen, etc. Bozhou dragon city four team leaders, city law review "two long", Jinggangshan Management Bureau, Jinggangshan Economic Development Zone in leadership. Kuang Sheng, vice president of the Jinggangshan Cadre College, made special tutoring.

  During the intensive discussions, Hu Shizhong listened carefully to the speeches and pointed out that studying and carrying out the nineteen spirits of the party is a long-term and important political task. We should seriously study and understand the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping to implement the spirit of the city, further down the ideas into the party's nineteen, the nineteen major goals to achieve the cohesion of the party power, struggling to write a new chapter in Ji'an Chinese socialist era.

  In his remarks, Hu Shizhong shared his own learning experience and experience. He pointed out that to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, grasp the correct political direction, as living and working in Ji'an this piece of land of the party members and cadres, we must take the lead in developing the spirit of Jinggangshan, like the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, ideals and faith iron, upholding and developing socialism Chinese characteristics One principle runs through it all. We must strengthen our theoretical arm, faithfully and faithfully to the party, enhance our consciousness of action, transform the firm ideals and beliefs into practical actions to promote the development of Ji'an, and compose a new socialist Ji'an chapter with Chinese characteristics. To grasp the requirements of the times, strengthen entrepreneurial skills, enhance the lead General Secretary Xi stressed that "eight abilities", take the lead to implement the five plenary session of the four session of the proposed municipal requirements, strengthen learning, effort, painstaking research, enhance the effectiveness of the investigation, pay attention to overall planning coordination, to promote the work the only good leadership, and become experts, firmly grasp the initiative work. Have the courage to play hard, accelerate the pace of development of the revitalization of Ji'an old liberated areas, continue to adhere to the good, to promote good play work, do immediately work style, on the one hand, to dare to play, really play, not only the courage to decision making, but also dare to criticism; on the other hand to do practical work, seek practical results, to get real, speak to be real, to be real, do have to be real. To strengthen self construction, provide a strong guarantee for the success, as the decision-making level of the city, we want to be more strict higher standards to assume the mission of the times, job responsibilities, cadres at all levels of the city to form a kind of guidance, to create an atmosphere, gather greater strength, promoting the work of the front has the courage to climb hard towards the limit standard.

  Hu Shizhong pointed out that the General Secretary Xi stressed that the era is the volume, we are the respondents, people are checking people. As the Jinggangshan old cadres, we must closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, adhere to the socialist ideology Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping new era as a guide, not forget to early heart, remember our mission, to accelerate the three forefront of "two strategic tasks", struggling to write a new era Chinese socialist Ji'an chapter, to the old people to turn in a more excellent new answer.

  Kuang Sheng made a special tutor entitled "consciously using the thought of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping in the new era of the armed mind" for the participants.

  The participants are concerned about the theme of the democratic life conference in the year 2017, closely related to the reality of the thought and the actual work, to discuss the understanding and experience, to discuss the thought and to discuss the plan of the next step. Jiang Bo, Long Xin, Deng Shubin, Liu Xiaoming, Jiao Xuejun, Tang Wenxian made an exchange of speeches. Other members of the Standing Committee will make a written statement.

  Distributed learning two and a half days, participants around the party's nineteen report, "China Communist Party" "Xi Jinping on Governance (second volumes)" learning contents, conscientious, to learn, to understand the essence of justice.

  Since nineteen held the party, through our cadres meeting held in the city center, municipal organization group collective learning, listening to the central and provincial delegation held counseling seminars, leading cadres at county level seminars and other forms of the spirit of the party's nineteen big especially Xi Jinping new Chinese socialism thought systematically in-depth study. This collective learning is not only a further deepening of the learning achievement at the earlier stage, but also a special discussion of the first democratic life meeting after the nineteen great victory of the party, which is of great significance for our city to consolidate the ideological foundation of the democratic life meeting.
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