China trade union "build a home, strong home, warm home" special action summary exchange Xiao Yulan speech.

  (reporter Liu Liping) On January 12th, our city launched a trade union "build a family, strong home, warm home" special action summary exchange meeting. Xiao Yulan, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and the chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, attended and spoke.

  The conference is not only a result of the work of "building a home, strong family and warm family", but also a check and acceptance for all works in 2017, which is significant for summarizing and exchanging experiences, inspiring working ideas and promoting innovation and development.

  Xiao Yulan pointed out that in 2017, the trade unions at all levels worked conscientious and worked hard, and the "three families" achieved good results. Deepening reform has new highlights, service capabilities have been improved and new breakthroughs have been made in the organization construction. Xiao Yulan stressed that the trade union organizations at all levels should enhance their sense of responsibility and sense of mission, calculate time accounts, task accounts, match benchmarks, and effectively promote the "three party" work. The departments should improve the political station, strengthen the construction of the trade union organizations at the grass-roots level, play the role of the union at the grass-roots level, and stimulate the vitality of the trade unions at the grass-roots level. All localities should take good steps and take good steps to ensure the successful completion of the work and carefully plan the work of 2018. Trade unions at all levels to strengthen the style of construction, to further boost the pursuit of excellence, first-class spirit, do not forget to early heart, remember our mission, play hard work, temper forward, for the realization of "three" at the forefront of "two strategic tasks", a new era of a new chapter in the development of the revitalization of Ji'an to make greater contributions.
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