A list of the first batch of national demonstration gardens announced the success of a demonstration garden in our city.

  (Xiao Min, Luo Renjin) The day before, the national development and Reform Commission and other 7 ministries of the joint group of experts selection review, the development of rural integration demonstration garden industry in Ji'an city (Jinggangshan national agricultural science and Technology Park) successfully created the first list of finalists national demonstration park, city became the only one among the first ranks of the park, marks an important step in our city the supply side reform in promoting agricultural structure.

  The development of rural industrial integration is an important starting point to promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side. It is also an important measure to improve agricultural supply, expand agricultural functions and broaden the channels for farmers to increase income under the new situation. Jinggangshan national agricultural science and technology park policies to seize the opportunity, according to the demonstration garden of the reporting requirements, to promote a high, advance planning, and create a positive declaration of benchmarking, held a coordination meeting, the deployment will, through material review, field defense, has successfully created the first one of the 148 finalists, finalists Park, the province is only 4 homes in the district.

  In recent years, Jinggangshan national agricultural science and technology park to the combination of agriculture and industry, agriculture and tourism, with the combination of agriculture and Commerce three combined with the construction of the park, with industrial concept, market concept, the idea of opening the three concepts of the development of the park, full of rich farmers, agriculture and rural revitalization. Thoroughbred Park radiation to the city's 13 counties (cities, districts) of the modern agricultural demonstration park, the park leading industry directly to more than 5000 households, more than 100 thousand households with indirect drive.

  Control to create a park, vigorously implement the agricultural park wisdom fusion demonstration projects, agricultural ecological management fusion demonstration projects, agricultural products value chain promotion demonstration projects, trade circulation and market connection project demonstration, "Travel + Leisure Agriculture" to promote demonstration projects, beautiful village and industrial construction, rural poverty alleviation demonstration Innovation Industrial Park demonstration project seven demonstration projects, demonstration model of fusion compound industry combining agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry and further form combination, agricultural facilities and other multi format.

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