Hu Shizhong field survey in 2018 expediting the "microcirculation" project to accelerate the project promotion.

  (reporter Zhou Jingkang) Since 2017, our city implemented the "microcirculation" project. Many "broken ends" have been opened up, and the traffic has been greatly improved. The project has been widely praised by the public. In the new year, how to continue the project of the people's livelihood and the people's heart to continue effectively? In January 11th, Hu Shizhong, the Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the municipal Party committee, came to the site of the "microcirculation" project, which was about to start and part of the work in 2018, to accelerate the project. Li Zhenfa, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Minister of organization, participated.

  Hu Shizhong has inspected the part of the project of Lu Ling District, Qingyuan District, Jizhou District, everywhere, all the control chart project planning and design a serious look, asked in detail about the difficulties and problems encountered in the process. When we realize the Luling District wells and Ganglu Lake Road intersection, Xiao Jia Road project to promote the obstacle, Hu Shizhong pointed out that the smooth "microcirculation" project is conform to the nineteen proposed "to meet the people's growing need for a better life" is the people's livelihood projects, the requirements of the masses, the project. The project department should carry forward the spirit to tackle tough, actively carry out projects related to the masses of the ideological work, positive guidance, according to the law to complete the resettlement work. In the east section of Junshan South Road, Henan Road North gate and Cui Ling section, Hu Shizhong looked at the side of the roadside and guided the project and its surrounding reconstruction. He stressed that the project was one of the key pivot in the smooth "microcirculation" project. The project department should take out the project plan and design plan as soon as possible so as to ensure that the key hub projects can accelerate the construction.

  After reviewing the project site, Hu Shizhong stressed that in 2018, the "microcirculation" project should follow the principle of "grasp the needs of the people and speed up the arrangements and advance". We should arrange and promote the project in a unified way. We should pay attention to the overall planning of the "microcirculation" projects, start the project in a unified way and seek effective results. While doing a good job of road work, we should do a good job of improving the environment around the road according to the "fine beauty" standard, so as to ensure the neat and beautiful road. The planning and construction of important hub projects should also do well in the improvement of important supporting facilities such as parking lots, so as to ensure smooth roads, convenient traffic and convenient citizens.
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