Wang Shaoxuan to Jizhou district to carry out the three changes three through three research.

  (reporter Cao Suping) The four session of the three National People's Congress meeting just concluded, put forward the implementation plan of action Beijiexiaoxiang and the old district "three three three" three years. January 11th, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Shaoxuan led the civil affairs, finance, construction, housing, urban management, public security and other units directly under the main person responsible for the in-depth Jizhou "three three three" to carry out research, the implementation of the three session of the four NPC spirit in action.

  "Today, everyone is on the way to look over and ponder, how does the shed change? How to treat the mess in the district? How do the difficult people get out of poverty and reduce poverty? " On the bus to the inspecting point, Wang Shaoxuan gave his attendant duties.

  Jizhou District Nanzhen street Yasuta Lane Lane Community YONGGU district and Wenshan street Xiyuan community library is the village back the old district, chaos is more prominent, urgent rectification. Wang Shaoxuan walked in, watching the scene, asking questions, finding problems, finding good strategies, and chatting with residents in the district to understand their appeals and opinions, on-site offices, and actively respond to concerns of residents.

  "Today is to look for problems, listen to the opinion, we go straight to the theme, talk about the question, give advice." In the subsequent meeting of the forum, Wang Shaoxuan listened carefully to speak on behalf of the community on the "Three Street, three pass three" work, not chipped, said the views and demands. Do the "three three three" work, Wang Shaoxuan requirements, to find out the base, streets, community to carry out carpet investigation, to tease out the old district where, where to break in, the establishment of large data, be aware of, targeted to step; comprehensive transformation, starting from the people the most pressing problem, step by step the earthquake, a settlement, the demolition of buildings, the change, and gradually solve the problem of the old district sewer is blocked, Luantingluanfang clutter; to mobilize the masses to participate, mobilize the enthusiasm, to strengthen the management of property owners, launched the industry committee and residents of the three parties to jointly promote the strength and let people live in peace; to both the upper and lower branch linkage, city and district to contribute, go all out, the relevant departments, the units to be linked together, do the planning, make a model To push forward one by one, make the face of Ji'an a new look, make the people feel more happy, and take the people as the center.
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