Development of Rural Econom
The city’s total output of agriculture, forestry and fishery industries was 21.895 billion Yuan in 2009, increasing by 8.2%.By the end of 2009, there were 214 township governments. The total number of rural household was 945,400 and total rural population was 3.7937 million. There are 2.1536 million rural labor forces. 1.916 million workers in rural area have been employed. There are 916,600 migrant workers, including 690,100 worked outside the province.
Existing farmland covered 337,100 hectares by the end of 2009, with an annual increase of 1,614 hectares, among which there are 309,900 hectares rice paddies. The city’s rice output was 3,735,500 tons, increasing by 137,000 tons, with an increase of 3.8%. Output of Oil plants reached 151,500 tons with an increased of 6.8%.Output of fruits reached 287,900 tons with an increase of 65.7%. Total aquatic products decreased by 3.1% to 169,600 tons, among which special aquatic products was 53,100 tons, increasing by 10.5%. There were 3,297,500 live pigs, increasing by 8.4%. By the end of 2009, the number of live pigs on hand was 2,039,000; increasing by 11.6%.The number of poultry came into the market reached 60,354,900, increased by 6.7%. The number of poultry on hand was 20,054,900 by the end of 2009. The number of beef cattle were sold or killed by owners was 445,800, increasing by 7.7%. The number of beef cattle on hand was 711,700, decreasing by 21.9%.
The total capacity of farm machinery reached 4,471,400 KW, increasing by 13.2%. The total capacity of agricultural irrigation and drainage machinery was 1,093,200 KW, increasing by 6.4%. There were 215,600 diesel engines, decreasing by 1.5%. There were 174,600 agricultural water pumps, decreased by 10.3%. Valid farmland irrigation area reached 291,000 hectares while electromechanical irrigation area reached 43,470 hectares. Power consumption in rural area reached 62.1 million KW with an increase of 7.8%.
The city’s investment of primary industry was increased by 46.7% to 3.593 billion Yuan. Financial expense on agriculture and forestry projects was increased by 34.1% to 2.476 billion Yuan.
The position of agriculture as the foundation of the economy was furthered strengthened in 2010. Over 20 billion Yuan were invested into agriculture during the past five years. Policy of enhancing agriculture was implemented comprehensively. Overall development of agriculture and project of increasing farmland and rice output to enrich farmers were carried out steadily. Farmland was increased by 640,000 Mu. 708,000 Mu medium and low efficiency farmlands were transformed and 222,000 Mu high standard farmlands were established. Grain output would reach 3.76 million tons this year, increasing for eight years in a row. Agriculture industrialization is being accelerated. Industries with special characteristics are developing steadily, including industries of livestock, pollution free vegetables, special aquatic products, high output oil camellia, and Jinggang honey pomelo. There are 246 leading agricultural enterprises, 1,226 farmer cooperatives and 899 villages with its own unique products.
Agriculture economy developed steadily in 2011. Policy of enhancing agriculture was implemented comprehensively. Agriculture production capacity was further improved. The area of newly gained farmland and farmland with improved irrigation system was 370,000 Mu. Farming condition of 143,000 Mu medium and low efficiency farmlands was improved. Agriculture industry enjoyed great yield. Grain output reached 3,854,000 tons, increasing for eight years in a row. Agricultural products such as live pigs, poultry, vegetables, fruits, aquatic products hit historic high. Industries with special characteristics developed rapidly. Growing area of Jianggang honey pomelo was increased by 28,000 Mu. Growing area of high output oil camellia was increased by 102,000 Mu. Growing area of flowers and Plants was increased by 40,000 Mu. There were 57 products won National Reputed Trademarks, Provincial Famous Products and famous Trademarks. Development of agriculture industrialization is accelerating. Leading agricultural enterprises was increased by 23 to 246. Farmer cooperatives were increased by 309 to 1,535. Modern Service industry is flourishing.
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