Natural Resources
With numerous rivers, Ji’an is rich in waterpower resources,thus it has a favorable prospect to develop hydropower. The Ganjiang River is running through the entire territory from north to south with 28 branches. The geographical situation is very complex and there are dense vegetation and plentiful water resources in the area of upper reaches of the rivers.
The total river basin covers an area of 29,000 square km, with a total of 19.675 billion cubic meters water resources. Theoretically, its hydropower recourses reserves reach 2,503 KW and the exploitable hydropower recourse is 1,570,000 KW. The Ganjiang River runs through Liangkou of Wan’an County, Taihe, Ji’an, Jishui, Xiajiang to Sanhu of Xingan County. The length of the Ganjing River which runs through Ji’an reaches 289 Km, accounting for 35.2% of the whole Ganjiang River. It has eight Level 1 tributaries with river basin covering an area of more than 1,000 square km: Suichuan Rive, Shushui River, Gujiang River, Heshui River, Lushui River, Wu River, Zhouhu River and Niuhou River. The total river basin is 22,500 square km. It has thirteen tributaries with river basin covering an area of 200-1000 1,000 square km: Liangkou River, Zaokou River, Tongjin River, Yunting River, Xiancuo River, Gupiao River, Hengshi River, Gu River, Huangjin River, Zhuqi River, Yi River, Meixiang River and Goujing River. The total length of the thirteen rivers reaches 28,000 km and sand network density is 0.8 km per square km. The city has 1,206 reservoirs and water retention capacity reaches 1.9 billion cubic meters.
Surface water per capita is 4,800 cubic meters. Surface water per one Mu cropland is 3,460 cubic meters. The underground water is 3-5 meters below the earth's surface and the depth of aquifer reaches 8-15 meters. Total volume of average underground water is 4.6 billion cubic meters. It is 5.6 billion cubic meters in the high flow year, 4.5 billion cubic meters in the median water year and 2.8 billion cubic meters in the low flow year.
With abundant hydroelectric resources, the city accelerates the exploitation of energy. Hydropower stations of all sizes are spreading the entire territory. National Key Project Wan’an Hydropower Station is already established and has connected to the grid. Taihe Nanfeng Hydropower Station is under construction. State-level exploitation of hydropower resources of Ganjiang River of Ji’an will be planned by stages, which is of great significance for the economic development of Ji’an.
There are over 50 kinds of underground mineral recourses in Ji’an, mainly including coal, iron, tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, niobium, tantalum, beryllium, gulch-gold, fire clay, peat, manganese, potassium, rare earth, Pak Nai, fluorite, granite, marble and konilite, etc.
There are over 400 exploitable mineral occurrences. It also has other minerals such as gold, silver, uranium, cobalt, tin, platinum, barite, and thermal spring. The tungsten reserves ranks only second to Gannan city. Abundant well-distributed and solid granite resources are found in Ji’an. It has over 17 types of them, mainly including pink, crimson, jasper, dark jade and jadeite ones, with 0.9 billion cubic meters reserves. The marble reserve is 0.2 billion cubic meters. The ore body is in the surface and suitable for mining. The ore are pure and fine. It is also fire-proof and anti-friction with many colors, including white, red, green and black. Ji’an also has high quality minerals with less impurity, such as fluorite, porcelain clay, salt mine, sylvine mine and grpsum. The reserve of each of them is over 50 million tons. However, the most advantageous exploitable mineral of Ji’an is peat.
Recently, new minerals have been fould in Anfu County and Jishui County. Fine mineral water is found in Babei villiage, Qiupiao Town of Jishui County. It includes over 20 kinds of microelements and chemicals good for health. A mineral water plant with an annual capacity of 3,000 -10,000 tons can be established. New minerals found in Anfu County include Lithium chinastone and drill mineral water. It is the first discovery inside Jiangxi province, which is exploitable and of great business value.
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