Administrative Division
Chief Inspector's Office of Ji’an Branch was established on June 30, 1949. Ji’an city was built in Shiyang Town and suburbs of Ji’an County on July 28. In September, Ji’an Branch was changed into Ji’an special district, governing one city and eleven counties. Xingan County of Nanchang special district joined Ji’an in 1952.
Ji’an City was renamed as Ji’an Town in January 1953 and was changed back on December 16. Ji’an City was directly under the jurisdiction of the Province in 1954. Xingan (新淦) was changed into Xingan (新干) in 1957. Ji’an City was under the leadership of Chief Inspector's Office of Ji’an in 1958.
Ninggang County joined Yongxin County on January 1, 1959. It was separated out from Yongxin County on July1. Jinggangshan was mainly build on the basis of original administrative region of Ninggang County and Jinggang County of Suichuan County. Jinggangshan authority was directly under the jurisdiction of provincial government. The reestablishment of Ninggang County was approved by the People's Committee of the province on November 17 and obtained approval of the State Council on January 7, 1960. Its government departments were located in the same office building of Jinggangshan Administration to increase cooperation.
On December 6, 1961, Ninggang County and Jinggangshan Administration was divided,and Ninggang County was under the jurisdiction of Ji’an special district. Ji’an Special District was renamed as Jinggangshan District in May 1968. Jinggangshan Authority was renamed as Jinggangshan Revolution Committee and was under the jurisdiction of Jinggangshan District. In 1978, it was under the jurisdiction of provincial government again. Jinggangshan District was renamed as Ji’an District in 1979. Jinggangshan County was established in October 1981 and it was under the jurisdiction of Ji’an Administrative Office.Jinggangshan City was established in December 1982.
In 1992, Lianhua County joined Pingxiang City. With the approval of State Council, Ji’an District was revoked and district-level Ji’an City was established on May 11, 2000. Meanwhile, Ninggang County joined Jianggangshan City. By far,Ji’an City governs Jizhou District, Qingyuan District, Jianggangshan City and Ji’an County, Taihe County, Wan’an County, Suichuan County, Yongxin County, Yongfeng County, Jishui County, Xiajiang County, Anfu County and Xingan County. By the end of December 2001, there were 221 townships and 3,129 administrative villages. By the end of 2004, it had 100 townships, 11 towns, two ethic towns, eight sub-district offices and 38 ethnic villages.
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